Birthing From Within Prenatal Classes

With Dr. Emily Bennett, ND, birth doula, mom, and BFW mentor

 Wednesdays 7-9 PM, March 8 - April 5, 2017  at Inland Island Community Wellness Centre, Hamilton, ON

There is so much to consider when embarking upon the journey of pregnancy and parenthood. Prenatal and childbirth education classes are a wonderful opportunity to engage with other parents-to-be, gain answers to questions about childbirth, and build resources for coping with the challenges of labour and parenthood. The classes provided by hospitals and public health are valuable for providing basic knowledge, but Birthing From Within classes take it a step further by also providing you with hands-on coping practices to build your confidence for both the physical and emotional challenges you may be faced with in labour & childbirth. 


In my prenatal class you can count on: 

  • Preparation for all labour & birth possibilities because a positive birth experience isn't determined by whether you have a vaginal or Caesarian birth, an epidural or natural labour, and building familiarity with the range of possible scenarios helps to prepare you fully for birth
  • Consideration and involvement of the partner(s) needs for birth preparation through attention to the questions and concerns about the unique experience of the non-labouring parent and birth partner during labour 
  • A judgment-free and open-minded classroom because there isn't one path to having the "best" birth experience

Upcoming Classes

5-week series, Wednesdays 7:00-9:00 PM

$279 + HST per pair

This class will include information on

  • Stages of labour
  • Hands-on tools for comfort, e.g. massage, acupressure
  • Relaxation and breathing techniques
  • Timing contractions
  • Partner/co-parent preparation
  • When to call the midwife/go to the hospital
  • Questions to ask when making decisions about care
  • Compassionate use of epidurals and other pharmaceutical pain management
  • Postpartum period and breastfeeding support
  • What to expect in the event of induction of labour
  • What to expect in the event of a Caesarian birth
  • What to expect in the first hour after birth
  • Birth art

Using art to explore thoughts and feelings around labour, birth, and parenthood is a transformative and hands-on tool used in the Birthing From Within approach