Do you find yourself popping an antacid before every meal because of heartburn?

Have to use 3 pillows at night to stop your reflux? Concerned about the effect of long-term medication use for GERD?  

You are not alone and there are long term solutions for dealing with chronic and unrelenting GERD and acid reflux. The question that we're not asking enough is why are you dealing unrelenting acid reflux even though you've cut out all your triggers and are taking medication?



Over 60% of people dealing with long-term GERD may have small intestinal bacterial overgrowth or  SIBO as a root cause (Kim et al., 2012). For those taking proton pump inhibitors to manage their reflux, SIBO and its associated symptoms (constipation, diarrhea, boating, gas, pain, nausea) may be just around the corner - over 61% GERD patients treated with PPIs develop SIBO after a year of treatment.

A functional microbiome can be restored and reduce your symptoms



Food elimination diets based on IgG ANTIBODY TESTING for food allergies help to identify foods that may be aggravating the inflammation in your esophagus and increasing pain associated with heartburn. As well, non-allergic food sensitivities to things like gluten, dairy, and nightshades have been shown to aggravate reflux in sensitive individuals.

Test for your food sensitivities to design the diet that will get rid of your reflux and support your health.


You've had an endoscopy and all it shows is mild gastritis, inflammation, and a "floppy" esophageal sphincter not doing its job to keep your stomach acid in your stomach. An unreliable sphincter is NOT a life sentence; support with herbs, supplements, manual adjustments, and nutritional support can lead to a strengthened and toned muscle decreasing both your reflux and esophageal inflammation.

It can be strengthened and get back to doing the job it's meant to do.



Chronic exposure of the esophagus to stomach acid can lead to inflammation and cell changes that not only lead to pain in between flare ups of reflux, but have the potential to lead to more serious conditions like Barrett's esophagus and esophageal cancer. There are safe herbal and nutritional options to bring down gastritis and esophageal inflammation without further irritating the stomach or leading to ulcers. 

Get rid of your reliance on pharmaceuticals while safely restoring your health.

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Believe it or not, the large majority of people booking in for their first naturopathic appointments are people who know the conventional medical system inside and out. They see their MDs regularly and have seen a dozen specialists to boot.

And still, they don't feel well. 

What's going on here? 

While each medical specialist provides necessary and valuable information about the part of the body they specialize in, a lot of people with chronic illness lack someone to tie all their symptoms together. With every patient, Dr. Bennett, ND aims to identify and treat the root cause of your issues, to treat you like the unique individual you are, and to understand your body as a whole.