Real Food Meal Plans: Feb. 11 - 15


Last weekend was my beloved mum's birthday so we spent the weekend celebrating with my family at my parent's house. We got home on Sunday and did we take a moment to meal plan or grocery shop? No we did not. And no opportunity to do so really presented itself through the rest of the week. The end result was a bunch of meals chosen based on what we had in the fridge/freezer/pantry. It worked out pretty well (there was a minor argument about how long it took to decide on sides for the butternut squash navy bean mash [it took too long]) thanks to the delivery of our CSA box on Tuesday with some more winter staples. 


How we made this meal plan work for us: To be honest, I hardly followed a single of these recipes in full. I did use them for inspiration and made lots of substitutions, most of which I've detailed down below. One morning I threw on some chicken bone broth which really opened up what we were able to make (the stew, the mash). 


  • MAIN: Butternut squash + tofu tacos with avocado creme from Delish Knowledge 
  • SIDES: Red cabbage slaw with shredded carrots, green onions and an apple cider dijon vinegarette
  • Tips: Oh man, so many modifications. I roasted the butternut squash whole and scooped it out of the peel once it had cooled. I sautéed my tofu with the spices in some olive oil and added steamed edamame beans to that as well. We spread the squash on our tortillas and had the tofu + edamame on top with the slaw on the side. It was great! 


  • MAIN: Beef + butternut squash stew with Brussels sprouts 
  • Tips: Gah, made so many changes to this one. Did not cook it in a slow cooker for one! I cooked it using the process I always use for stove-top braises, where you cook the meat first with a mirepoix and then add the vegetables later. Used cooked squash from the fridge, added quartered Brussels sprouts when I added two medium potatoes and a turnip. Adding the squash to beef stew was new for me and I looked at Giada's recipe for flavour inspiration! 




  • MAIN: Tofu bowls using a dijon mustard marinade from Amy Chaplin, with roasted broccoli + steamed beets + sunflower sprouts, and tamari sunflower seeds on top
  • SIDES: Brown rice 
  • Tips: This was supposed to be a tempeh meal but I wasn't able to get to the co-op to pick some up so I subbed with medium tofu. I used the vegetables we had to finish up, this would be great with other stuff too - swiss chard, kale, cauliflower, carrots, acorn squash... 

Real Food Meal Plans: Jan. 21-26, 2018

On this week's meal plan we've got the best roast chicken ever (actually!), hearty vegetarian tacos, a creamy root vegetable stew, Thai-style chicken soup, and curried sweet potato lentils. Let me know of any modifications you come up with to make these suggestions better work for you!

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