Real Food Meal Plans: Feb. 4 - 8

Happy Friday! 

I had one of those rare + blissful mornings today where my toddler was content to putter around in our kitchen long enough for me to whip up a few things from ingredients we happened to have in our fridge. The first was a variation on these meatballs in tomato sauce (I used ground beef, smoked parmesan, and a spelt-based bread) and the second was Ottolenghi's incredible hummus from Jeruselum. Things fell apart by the time I was ready to get the hummus out of the food processor but fortunately she is a hummus fan so I managed the situation by giving her periodic fingerfuls. It was nice while it lasted! 


For the meal plan this week we have a super delicious leek and fennel frittata, a Paleo curried shepherd's pie, chicken fajitas, tempeh bowls, and a butternut squash galette. 


  • MAIN: Curried Shepherd's Pie with Sweet Potato from So...Let's Hang Out
  • Advanced prep: Peel, cut and cook your sweet potatoes in advance
  • Tips: I steamed a bit of butternut squash instead of using canned pumpkin


  • MAIN: Leek & Fennel Frittata with Dill + Feta from scrumpdillyicious
  • SIDES: Living green salad with sunflower sprouts from our local Plan B Organics box
  • Advanced prep: Cook leeks + fennel
  • Tips: This can be done without the wine (though it definitely adds something special if you've got some in your fridge)


  • MAIN: Lemon Pepper Tempeh Bowls from The Full Helping
  • Advanced prep: Cook rice when you have a spare second in the kitchen 
  • Tips: We didn't have the herbed rice and instead had some sautéed orange + red peppers, purple cabbage, with sunflower sprouts on top. We also added some tamari sunflower seeds - lightly toast sunflower seeds on your stove top, remove when cooked and add 1/4 tsp of tamari. 


  • MAIN: Sheet Pan Fajitas from Number 2 Pencil
  • SIDES: A simple cabbage slaw using an oil + lemon vinaigrette 
  • Advanced prep: There's always chopping that can be done in advanced! 
  • Tips: We ate ours with corn tortillas + that crazy good 10% Liberté plain greek yogurt 


  • MAIN: Butternut Squash Caramelized Onion Galette from Smitten Kitchen (photo from Seven Spoons)
  • SIDES: Green salad 
  • Advanced prep: Make your pastry when your partner takes the dog + baby for a walk before work
  • Tips: We actually used the recipe in the first Smitten Kitchen cookbook which doubles the filling (2.5 lbs squash, 2 large onions, 2 cups of cheese) and half spelt flour for the crust. I also used this basic galette dough recipe and omitted the sugar. 

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