Real Food Meal Plans: March 4-8

Hey everyone! Woke up this morning to a world blanketed by snow but the sun has been out since mid-morning and things are looking a little spring-like again. I'm feeling optimistic that winter will *eventually* end. 

I took last week off from meal planning because I had originally planned to be away on a trip with my dad. That didn't end up happening (see gushy Instagram post for details) but I still cut myself some slack and took a couple days off seeing patients and writing. But I'm back! It feels good.

Before I jump into food I wanted to let you guys know about the GOODBODYFEEL 30 day challenge that my partner in Ritual Island, Robin has put together. Robin is a truly gifted yoga + pilates + functional movement teacher and she's put together this challenge for herself and her followers for the month of March - thirty 30-minute movement classes, released on video once daily, for 30-days. What?! Ya, it's a ridiculous deal. The videos will be available through April, so you won't miss out on anything by signing up late. There are still spots available and there's a really sweet support group on Facebook going so if this is piquing your interest then SIGN UP ALREADY! I'm dropping into the Facebook group once a week to drop a little bit of naturopathic wisdom on my fellow movers so you'll hear more of me there (if you aren't getting enough of me already...). 

Now onto food...


We're going through another phase where June is waking up a bunch in the night so I have literally been going to bed at 8:30 PM every night. It's taking away from my motivation to really dive into cooking and cleaning after work, so this week I prepared three meals on Sunday, put them in the fridge/freezer so that we could have a few days where we didn't have to worry about food. It worked really well!  

I'm beginning to feel a bit hemmed in by my winter vegetable choices. We've been eating A LOT of butternut squash and red cabbage lately. And you'll see on this meal plan that we're not quite done with them yet. The good news is that during that tiny heat wave we had last week I saw a few baby nettles starting to work their way out of the ground in my backyard so fresher food awaits! 

In this week's plan we've got: slow cooker carnitas, porotos grandos, maple balsamic glazed tempeh, tomato glazed meatloaves, and a really really good curried pumpkin chicken stew with dumplings. 



  • MAIN: Pumpkin Chicken Curry with dumplings from the NYT 
  • Advanced prep: I made the whole thing on Sunday and put it in the fridge til Monday; you could always peel and cube the squash in advance
  • Tips: The dumplings are gluten free rice dumplings with cumin seeds and they are GREAT. I didn't make them this time - instead I added some savoy cabbage from Buttrum's and we ate it over rice.


  • MAIN: Porotos granados from En Mi Cocina Hoy
  • Advanced prep: You may want to peel and cube the squash in advance; you can always soak your beans and freeze them until you are ready to cook with them. They will also keep for 2-3 days in the fridge if you cook them in advance.
  • Tips: I used navy beans!