Real Food Meal Plans: Jan. 21-26, 2018

Here's our meal plan for the week, running Sunday to Thursday. You can visit my intro to meal planning post for more information on how this works for my family, how you can make it work for yours, and what priorities we try to stick for when planning out our food for the week.


I recommend modifying the amounts you are making in order to make sure that every family member who needs it will have leftovers available to have for lunch the next day. Leftovers for lunch is an important way we are able to stick to our goal of having a mostly real-food, home-cooked diet and it's such a great habit to get into.

Notes for you on how we made this meal plan work for my family

  • We made bone broth from chicken on the weekend, froze it in yogurt containers and used it throughout the week on all the recipes that called for stock or broth. 
  • I made some hummus on Tuesday for June (she's wild for hummus!) and made extra chickpeas which we added to our Tuesday dinner 

On this week's meal plan we've got the best roast chicken ever (actually!), hearty vegetarian tacos, a creamy root vegetable stew, Thai-style chicken soup, and curried sweet potato lentils. Let me know of any modifications you come up with to make these suggestions better work for you!


  • MAINBest Roast Chicken, ever from chef Thomas Keller
  • SIDES: Roasted acorn squash, rapini with sautéed garlic
  • Advanced prep: Blanch your rapini in advance if you'd like
  • Tips: Slice your acorn squash into half-inch pieces to speed up the baking process significantly. Broccoli raab, rapini, Chinese broccoli - any of them will work here just modify how long your blanch it for depending on your stem to floret ratio (more stem, longer blanching time). 


  • MAINZucchini + corn tacos on corn tortillas from Bowl of Delicious
  • SIDE: Red cabbage slaw from Food Fitness Fresh Air
  • Advanced prep: All vegetables can be cut up in advanced and stored in the fridge; coleslaw will keep overnight!
  • Tips: Add black beans to the zucchini + corn for some protein; personally, I liked having the slaw in the taco as well as on the side.


  • MAINCreamy winter vegetable stew with mustard + lemon, from The First Mess via Amy Chaplin
  • Advanced prep: take time if you can to make a homemade vegetable or chicken stock on the weekend
  • Tips: Feel free to use chicken stock instead of vegetable, add loads of parsley, a handful of chickpeas, and a swirl of good olive oil on top to make this stew especially hearty. 




  • MAIN: Curried lentils with sweet potato from Smitten Kitchen, basmati rice
  • Advanced prep: Not much to do in advance 
  • Tips: Sub red lentils for the du Puy if you so desire (we've had it both ways and either is good)